Win Free Tickets

Hey! You! Would you like the chance to win a couple of free tickets to XS Malarkey? You don’t have to do much, just read on…

In addition to our usual updates, every week we will post a message on Facebook or Twitter saying that the first person to reply to that particular message will win 2 free tickets to the next XS Malarkey gig.

How does it work?

The message will be posted on Facebook OR Twitter at random. It may be posted in both locations for the same week if they are not claimed on one platform.  The competition will close 2 hours after posting, or when the tickets are claimed, whichever happens first.  If the tickets are unclaimed on Twitter after two hours go check our Facebook page, they may show up there! And vice versa!

The message may be posted at a random time before that week’s gig. It could be posted on Sunday morning, Tuesday midday or any other time. You’ll just have to keep your eyes open.

Detailed Stuff:

By entering this competition, you must agree to these things here:

  • You can only enter if you have not won the competition in the previous 12 weeks.
  • The competition is open to people with or without an XS Malarkey card.
  • The free tickets are only available for the date mentioned in the message; no swapsies for future gigs.
  • Bear in mind other people may see your name on Facebook or Twitter if you’re the lucky winner, so we will ask for proof of ID when you arrive to claim your prize, so other people don’t try to pull a fast one.
  • Related to the above, if your Twitter or Facebook name is a pseudonym, you’ll need to tell us your real name. Don’t embarrass yourself by turning up and trying to claim your prize under the name “SuperColon69”, “Psycho Moron” or “Toby Hadoke”.
  • We might ask you to bring us a little “gift” in exchange for the tickets. Don’t worry, it won’t be anything ridiculous. Previously, we’ve asked someone to bring us a drawing of a penguin and an item of food with a swear word written on it.

Boring Stuff:

  • There is no alternative / cash prize.
  • This competition is not available to employees or volunteers of The Pub/Zoo or XS Malarkey.
  • Ages 18 and above only.
  • All rights of admission are reserved.
  • We can’t be held responsible if your computer, your phone, Twitter or Facebook throw a tantrum and delete or delay your reply.
  • If it looks like you’re up to something a bit dodgy, cheating somehow or whatever, we can disqualify you.
  • If the first person to post a reply hasn’t understood the rules and messed it up somehow, the prize will go to the next person who has followed THE RULES.
  • Our decision is final! 
  • We reserve the right to change the details of, or remove this competition at any time.

Last edited: 18th February 2014