Contact us

There are loads of ways to contact us or keep an eye on what we’re doing.

Mailing list

Our MC Toby sends out a weekly mailshot with information about our gigs. Sign up here.

Twitter is for those of you with a short attention sp……

Facebook is our Facebook page. Don’t rely on it for notifications though, as Facebook doesn’t seem to want to show people all the information for any page they’ve signed up for. Although, you can also make friends with Malarkey McInvite to make sure you receive invitations to our weekly events. No waffle, just an invitation to our next show (usually weekly with the very occasional extra gig)

Android App

Keep up to date with XS Malarkey listings by downloading the official XS Malarkey Listings Android app from Google Play

Email us directly

queries at xsmalarkey dot com

Want to perform at XS Malarkey? Email us at the above address with a brief introduction (if we don’t know you); any references, where you’ve previously played and at what level (e.g. if you’ve played The Comedy Store, there’s a difference between King Gong and a Saturday night headline set). We get a lot of enquiries, especially for open spots, so you might not get a reply or a spot for a while.

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